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 901ZM For Aluminium Door










Introduction of product function

1.  Semiconductor fingerprint sensor

2.  8 touch keys,8 LED lighting.

3.  Voice prompt navigation,Chinese and English voice transformation.

4.  Fingerprint capacity:  99

5.  Password capacity:10 groups.Password length 6~12 bit,have the function of random code(The longest 24 bit length number of continuous input,As long as there is a correct password, it can pass,A single input of more than 24 digits is not recognized.)

6.  Administrators:Password、fingerprint 5 administrators.(Can delete any of the them administrators,When all administrators are completely deleted,The system will be prompted to add a password administrator.)

7.  Try freezing 、Oblique tongue testing、Anti prying testing、LED halo lamp functions etc.

8.  Intelligent update function of fingerprint information,Constantly learn and store user new fingerprint information.

9.  Voice Volume can be set up treble or bass.

10. Power shortage reminding function,Standby current<32uA,Working current<300mA.

11. Rated voltage:4 section battery power supply(DC-6V),Have a external power interface(DC-5V;Micro USB interface).

12. There are 1 buttons on the back of the door battery box:Initialization(Resume out of the factory)Key.

13. Message record is pushed to Cloud end  or mobile phone and APP in real time.(Selection)

14. Collocation the function of the doorbell.(Selection)